How to Clean a Trane Air Conditioner Condenser

Trane air conditioning condensers are known for their quality and durability but, as with all outdoor condenser units, they require some yearly maintenance to ensure that they continue to operate properly. The most important thing to do each year -- and depending on your area, perhaps a couple of times each year -- is to give the condenser a thorough cleaning. This ensures a good air flow which is required for proper cooling.

Condensers can become clogged with leaves, garbage and even pet hair, and they require regular cleaning.
  1. Clear the area around the condenser of any loose debris or overgrowth. Be sure there is at least two to three feet of clear area around the condenser so that air flow is not restricted and there is room to perform regular maintenance.

  2. Roll out enough hose so you can get all the way around the condenser. Attach a spray nozzle to the hose that can be set for a powerful jet of water. Turn on the hose.

  3. Spray the outside of the condenser, beginning at the top of the sides of the unit and spray all the way around all sides prior to working your way down the sides. Clear as much dirt and debris as possible.

  4. Scrub the vents with a wire brush to remove any remaining debris. Scrub a few inches down each side, then spray those areas again. Continue working down toward the bottom of the unit.

  5. Direct the jet of water through the top of the unit to clean the fan blades. You can also reach the interior sides of the vents through the fan grill.