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How to Clean an Edenpure Manual Air Purifier

Emma Lee

Bacteria, viruses, and mold are in our homes but they cannot be seen. Pollutants float in the air and also attach to furniture, walls and carpet. The EdenPURE air purifier helps to eliminate home air pollution and may relieve symptoms from allergies and respiratory problems.

The EdenPURE unit is quiet and will not interrupt sleep when used in a bedroom. The filter used in the EdenPURE never needs to be replaced and requires limited maintenance.

  1. Clean the purifier every 30 days or sooner if dirt is evident.

  2. Remove the filter, and the screen from the purifier. Use a handheld vacuum or vacuum attachment hose to remove large debris from the surface.

  3. Wash the filter and screen in warm water to remove particles that were not removed with the vacuum. Use a soft bristle toothbrush for a through cleaning. Dry the filter and screen before replacing into the unit.

  4. Warning

    Do not use soap to wash the filter or screen. Soap can damage the filter.