How to Hook Up a Mobile Home to an Electrical Source

A mobile home can have all the conveniences that electricity, lighting and appliances offer simply by plugging the mobile home in to a power source.
Trailers and mobile homes can plug directly into a power grid or use a generator.Trailers and mobile homes can plug directly into a power grid or use a generator.
The power source can be a generator or a larger grid power source from a stationary home or an park's electric hook-up. It only takes a few minutes to be able to use your light switches and kitchen gadgets.

Step 1

Locate the plug on your mobile home by walking the perimeter and finding the small, covered square that hides the plug. It is generally on the opposite side from the front door.

Step 2

Purchase a power cord end, if needed, that converts the RV power cord to a male end. Generally these additional ends are three-pronged and two and a half inches in diameter but check your mobile home plug size before purchasing one.

Step 3

Connect the power cord to the external power source.

Things You Will Need

  • Power cord, 10 feet long or more
  • RV female power cord end
  • Generator or power source

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