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How to Wire a Generator to a Dryer Outlet

Nichole Liandi

A portable generator is an excellent asset in an emergency. Even if the power goes out, you'll still have the capability to keep some of the vital electrical systems in your home operating, like freezers or refrigerators, communications, and lighting. One important consideration in planning to use your generator is getting the power from the generator into your home's electrical system. Wiring the generator's output into a dryer outlet is one way to do this.

You can wire your generator's output to a dryer outlet.
  1. Turn the main power switch on your circuit breaker box to the "Off" position. Keep it in this position while using the generator.

  2. Place the generator about 5 to 10 feet from your home to prevent carbon monoxide gas from the exhaust from entering the home.

  3. Plug the extension cord into the outlet on the panel of the generator. Plug the other end into the dryer outlet.

  4. Set the individual circuit breakers for your home's circuit breakers to "Off," with the exception of the circuits you want to power. Be sure that the circuit for your dryer's outlet is set to "On."

  5. Turn on the generator to feed power into your home.