How to Troubleshoot a Black & Decker Home Cafe

Black & Decker is a brand name that is well-known for power tools, but also sells many other types of products. The Black & Decker product line includes selections for cleaning, kitchen appliances, and home and office accessories. The Black & Decker Home Café is a one-cup coffee maker that is ideal if you want just one cup of java. Troubleshooting smaller issues yourself will help you avoid having to bring it to your dealer for service.

  1. Refill the reservoir and start a new cup with a fresh coffee pod if the coffeemaker runs out of water in the middle of brewing.

  2. Ensure the coffeemaker is plugged in properly and that the water reservoir is full and the lid handle is moved to the closed position if there is no power.

  3. Brew your coffee into a smaller cup, use a stronger coffee pod and make sure you use the pods only one time if you find your coffee too weak. Alternately, try a larger cup and a milder coffee pod if the coffee is too strong.

  4. Press the "stop" button and then take the pod holder off and wash it along with the splash guard if the pod holder is clogged and the coffee maker is overflowing. Open the lid and wipe the underside before reinserting the pod holder and splash guard.

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