The Door Won't Stay Shut on the Freezer & Refrigerator

In order for your refrigerator to work properly, it needs a tight seal on the door. If cool air is allowed to escape the fridge, the motor will run for longer trying to compensate, resulting in icing or defrosting, depending on the scale of the problem. You can troubleshoot your refrigerator or freezer door by ruling out common problems. This task will take roughly 10 minutes.

Refrigerator doors should stay closed during normal operation.
  1. Remove any food, bottles or jars situated close to the door. Incorrectly placed objects can keep the refrigerator or freezer door from closing completely.

  2. Place a bubble level on top of the fridge, facing either side. If the fridge is leaning forward, a door can fall open. Most refrigerators have adjustable feet for ensuring the cabinet is level.

  3. Confirm the fridge has at least 1 inch of room for air to circulate on all sides. If it is leaning against cabinets or other furniture, it may lean forward causing a door to fall open.

  4. Verify the door seal is in good condition. If the rubber becomes corroded, damaged or loose from the door, it can prevent a tight seal from being made between the door and the cabinet. In some cases, the door might fall open.

  5. Inspect the door hinges. If the door has been incorrectly installed, it might not stay closed as the manufacturer intended. Check your installation manual for exact hinge specifications.