How to Prevent Condensation from Forming on a Glass Door

Glass doors allow you to get a view of the outdoors without letting in the elements.
Condensation on a glass door ruins the view.
But foggy, speckled condensation on the glass can frustrate any homeowner. Condensation forms when humidity levels and temperatures inside and outside the home change, similar to a bathroom mirror that fogs up when taking a shower. You can adjust the moisture and temperature levels in your home to prevent a glass door from fogging up and blocking outdoor views. .

Step 1

Open the door slightly to let air from outside into the home. If the weather is not too brisk, this will help balance indoor and outdoor temperatures.

Step 2

Run a dehumidifier inside the home. Dehumidifiers draw moisture out of the air, which lowers the humidity and prevents condensation buildup.

Step 3

Run exhaust fans anytime anyone showers or boils water. These activities release moisture into the air and increase the temperature, which lead to condensation.

Step 4

Turn on ceiling fans to help circulate fresh air and cool the temperature. Running an air conditioner cools the air too much, but a ceiling fan will keep the temperature more regulated.

Step 5

Run a heater or furnace at a low temperature to avoid extreme temperature fluctuations in the home. These fluctuations react with cold air outdoors and promote condensation.

Things You Will Need

  • Dehumidifier
  • Fans
  • Heater

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