My Side-by-Side KitchenAid Refrigerator Won't Cool

KitchenAid makes a wide range of domestic kitchen appliances, including refrigerators and dishwashers, in addition to the company's well-known line of mixers.
Refrigerator cooling problems are often symptomatic of power-supply issues or improper setup, regardless of the appliance's manufacturer. Some cooling problems are fixable without calling in a technician. Correct fixable power-supply issues and rule out common setup mistakes with your side-by-side KitchenAid refrigerator through troubleshooting.

Step 1

Verify that the refrigerator is still plugged into its power supply. If the power cable has been pulled from the outlet, the fridge will not cool. Confirm that the outlet is switched on, if your home outlets have power switches.

Step 2

Test the outlet by plugging into it a lamp. If the lamp works, then the outlet is active and providing electricity. If the lamp does not work, the problem may be connected to your home's electricity supply.

Step 3

Replace or reset any household fuses or circuit breakers that have been blown or tripped. If the lamp does not light, the fuse or breaker for your refrigerator circuit may have blown or tripped. Verify all fuses are active and ensure no breakers need to be reset.

Step 4

Adjust the temperature inside your side-by-side KitchenAid refrigerator using the "+" and "-" buttons on the control panel. The recommended temperature for your refrigerator section is 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a thermometer if your refrigerator does not have electronic controls showing the internal temperature.

Step 5

Move any items inside the refrigerator holding either of the doors slightly open and allowing cool air to escape. Ensure both doors are able to tightly close.

Step 6

Examine the fridge-door seals. Confirm that they are attached to the door and are free of corrosion or damage. If air is able to leak through the seals, the temperature in the fridge will be higher.

Step 7

Contact KitchenAid if these steps do not resolve the problem, as you may be experiencing a more serious problem with your refrigerator. See Resources for a link to KitchenAid's contact information. You may be entitled to free service if your fridge is within its warranty period.

Things You Will Need

  • Thermometer