Purell Dispenser Instructions

Purell is a leading hand sanitizer product. The antiseptic agent in Purell is 65-percent ethyl alcohol, which kills 99.99-percent of common germs. Purell sells two varieties of hand sanitizer. The non-scented variety pairs the ethyl alcohol with water and thickening agents that don't do anything for your skin. The other product is enriched with aloe for a less noticeable alcohol scent and a moisturizing effect on your hands. With either product, using the dispenser and the sanitizing solution requires the same basic process.

Purell containers dispense sanitizer with a pump nozzle.
  1. Store the dispenser at 68- to 77-degrees Fahrenheit. The product is less effective when exposed to extremely hot or cold temperatures.

  2. Roll up your sleeves. Purell may discolor fabrics is spilled onto clothing.

  3. Hold one hand underneath the dispenser's nozzle.

  4. Depress the nozzle with your other hand. This will pump one squirt of liquid onto your palm. This is enough for a child or adult with smaller hands. If you have large hands, dispense a second squirt onto your hand. You just need enough liquid to coat both hands in a thin layer of Purell.

  5. Rub both your hands together, working the Purell sanitizing solution over both the front and back of your hands. Continue to rub briskly until your hands are dry. When the sanitizing solution has dried, your hands are effectively sanitized.

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