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How to Iron a Shower Curtain

Amma Marfo

A fresh shower curtain can instantly change the look of your bathroom, brightening the room to match your color scheme and decor. A drawback of a brand-new curtain, or a curtain that hasn't been used in a while, is that often it has several wrinkles which are clearly visible when the curtain is hanging and pulled across your tub or shower. You can iron a shower curtain without much trouble so long as it is an exterior, decorative shower curtain and not your plastic liner.

A wrinkle-free shower curtain can make a bathroom appear more inviting.
  1. Fill a spray bottle with water. Pull your shower curtain across the rod so it hangs as flatly as possible. Spray the curtain thoroughly to dampen the material all over, without using so much water that the curtain is dripping. Remove the curtain from the rod.

  2. Set your iron on a medium or warm setting. Do not turn on any steam settings. Spread the shower curtain flat over your ironing board and place the top edge of the curtain along the back, long edge of the board. The curtain will be too large to fit on the ironing board, so allow the bulk of the wrinkled curtain to hang at your feet.

  3. Lay an old towel over the shower-curtain portion that is on top of the board and smooth the towel flat. Iron over the towel slowly. Lift the towel to check the material underneath to see when it is dry and free of wrinkles.

  4. Lift the towel and readjust the curtain by moving it away from you. Allow the ironed portions to drape over the back of the ironing board. Place the towel over the next damp area on the board and iron.

  5. Continue adjusting the curtain and ironing over the towel until the entire body of the curtain is pressed and dry. Hang the shower curtain back on the rod as soon as you are finished to avoid new wrinkling.