How to Get Wrinkles Out of Drapes

Cheryl Hinneburg

New drapes always look gorgeous--unless they're wrinkled. Hanging drapes is not always an easy task, so taking them down to eliminate wrinkles is an unnecessary and unwanted task.

Here are some ways to eliminate wrinkles from drapes before you hang them, and a couple of tips to help if you have already put up the drapes.


Read the label attached to your drapes to see what the manufacturer recommends about caring for your drapes.

  1. Lay the drapes over the shower curtain rod in your bathroom. Turn on the hot water in the shower; make sure the windows are closed. Leave the bathroom, and close the door. Do not return until all of the hot water has run out. The steam from the water will usually remove the wrinkles.

  2. Hang the drapes on the rod, and place them in the window. Take a water bottle and lightly mist the drapes, being careful not to saturate them. At the very bottom of the drapes is a seam or a hem. Simply slide a butter knife into the seam at the end of each panel, and leave the knives there for a few days. The weight will pull down the drapes and eliminate any wrinkles.

  3. Hang the drapes, and purchase some wrinkle release spray from your local department store. Spray the drapes according to the directions. The wrinkles will usually fall right out.

  4. Place the dry drapes and a damp but clean towel in the dryer. Keep the dryer setting on fluff, and leave them in the dryer for about ten minutes. The wrinkles will be gone.

  5. Iron the drapes if they are not made from silk or some other material that should not be exposed to heat. Set the iron on low heat, and use the steam option if you have one on your iron. Hang the drapes immediately after.