How to Connect a Garden Connector to an Air Compressor

A garden connector is a common name for the brass coupler on the end of a watering hose that's used to irrigate a lawn or plants. If you have an air compressor, you can hook up the unit to a garden connector, which is useful for blowing out watering hoses or clearing the lines in a sprinkler system in preparation for winter. Because water expands when freezing, sprinkler lines and hoses can crack in the cold. Forcing out fluid with the air compressor connection reduces the risk of this problem.

Hook up the compressor to a garden connector for clearing out lines.

Step 1

Shut off the air compressor if it is running.

Step 2

Insert the bullet-shaped end of the hose adapter into the nozzle on the air compressor and twist clockwise 1/2 turn to lock the adapter on the compressor.

Step 3

Insert the male end of the garden connector into the other end of the adapter attached to the air compressor. Twist the connector counterclockwise to fasten it to the adapter in the same way you would attach a garden hose to an outdoor faucet.

Step 4

Hook up the other end of the garden connector to a watering hose or the main line on a sprinkler system and tighten.

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