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How to Lubricate a Right Angle Die Grinder

Charles Judd

Right angle die grinders are useful for many applications. These high-RPM tools are powered by compressed air and allow the user to easily cut and shape many different metal components. In order to maintain proper functioning of the grinder, periodic lubricating is needed to prevent the internal gears from seizing up and to prolong the life of the tool. This is especially important if your air supply has moisture, or if you live in a particularly humid climate. Lubrication can be easily achieved with the proper procedure and the correct supplies.

Proper lubrication of your right angle grinder will keep it functioning properly for many years.
  1. Purchase air motor oil and grease specifically designed for your air tool. Check your specific manufacturer's specifications.

  2. Disconnect the right-angle grinder from the air supply.

  3. Insert a small amount of oil into the air inlet of the grinder. Add approximately one-half teaspoon of oil.

  4. Reconnect the air supply and run the tool for a short time to allow the oil to circulate.

  5. Add more oil after every 2-3 hours of tool operation.

  6. Disassemble the tool head after every 8 hours of operation. Add grease to all of the internal gears and bearings according to manufacturer's specifications.