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How to Clean a Kenmore Washer Air Dome

Steven White

A washing machine air dome is a small piece attached to the machine that uses air pressure to signal the timer regarding the machine's progress. To avoid a flooded washroom and a hefty repair bill, the air dome on a Kenmore washer should be cleaned annually. To complete this repair, you will need a special tool known as a spanner wrench, which is available at any repair parts supply store.

Kenmore washer air domes should be cleaned annually.
  1. Slide the putty knife under the washer lid until you make contact with the spring catch. Press the spring catch up until it clicks, then lift the washer lid back.

  2. Pop loose the tub ring clips, and pull out the tub ring.

  3. Twist the cap off the agitator in the middle of the washing machine. Unscrew the nut with a wrench, and pull the agitator up and out. You will be looking at the drive shaft underneath the agitator.

  4. Cover the nut at the bottom of the drive shaft with the spanner wrench. Hold the inside of the wash tub steady, and hit the wrench with a hammer to loosen the bolt.

  5. Pull out the washing machine's inner tub, and set it aside.

  6. Twist the air dome one quarter turn, and pull it off the outer tub. Disconnect it from its tubing, and soak the air dome in vinegar for one hour to remove any mineral buildup.

  7. Change out the seal on the air dome, and place it back into position.

  8. Reassemble the washing machine.