Air Conditioner Problems: Ice

Strange as it may seem, ice can become a significant problem inside your air conditioner when it is running at full strength.

Air conditioners can ice up when not used correctly.
Moisture contained in the rapidly cooled air can freeze onto the cooling coils, the front grille and the frame of the air conditioner over time under certain circumstances. Clearing the ice will involve adjusting how you use the air conditioner. Icing usually takes a few hours to resolve. .

Switch the air conditioner to fan-only mode for an hour or so until the ice starts to melt. Without the cooling coils switched on ice is free to melt from the coils, frame and grille. Switch the air conditioner off completely if the icing is very bad.

Turn down the air conditioner to a lower setting. Ice can build up on the cooling coils when the room temperature gets close to the temperature of the air leaving the air conditioner.

Check nothing is blocking the flow of air out of the grille. Blinds, sofas and armchairs can all restrict air leaving the grille and cause ice to buildup on the cooling coils. Turn the air conditioner down or off for a few hours to melt the ice.

Move the air conditioner to a larger space for better results. All air conditioners have a BTU rating that indicates the strength of its cooling capacity. Ice can build up on the cooling coils, front grille and casing if the BTU rating is too powerful for the size of your room.