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How to Build Your Own Snow Cone Cart

Gregory Taylor

Everyone is looking for ways to save and make some extra money. Many people are venturing into their own businesses due to the lack of employment opportunities. Owning your own business is possible with a little ingenuity. You can build your own snow cone cart with easily available materials and sell snow cones in summer.

You can make your own snow cone cart and earn some money selling snow cones.
  1. Measure the dimensions of the bottom of the snow cone machine and add an inch to each measurement. Cut the top and bottom piece of the cart from the ½ -inch plywood using the measurements obtained. Measure the height of the snow cone machine and cut three side pieces of the same height.

  2. Assemble the pieces cut in step 1 into a box with one open side. Use corner guards, glue and the four exterior L-braces to join the pieces. Attach the metal braces and guards to the corners using the 3/4-inch galvanized wood. The three sided corner braces should be used on the bottom corners. The top corners are secured using the L-braces. Apply glue on the contact points to strengthen the joints.

  3. Cut two rectangular pieces of ½ -inch plywood with similar dimensions as the bottom piece. Attach this piece using glue and two interior L-braces to the inside of the box so that it runs parallel to the bottom of the box.

  4. Cut a side door piece with the same dimensions as the opposite side piece. Attach the two door hinges to the inside of the door piece. Attach the bolt carriage to the outside of the opposite end of the door. Attach the bolt lock to the side of the box. Attach the hinges and the door to the open side of the cart.

  5. Measure the width of the cart and cut two pieces of 2 x 4-inch post of the same length. Slide these pieces under the cart and screw the pieces onto the cut from the outside with the 1 ¼ -inch wood screws.

  6. Attach the two wheels to either side of the cart using lag bolts to secure them to the 2 x 4-inch post pieces of wood.

  7. Measure the length of the cart, add one inch to the result and cut two furring strips using the resulting measurement. Attach the strips to the cart under the L-braces so that they are parallel to each other and run past one end of the cart. These are your cart handles.

  8. Drill a ¾ -inch hole into the center of the two strips, about two inches from the free end. Insert a ¾ -inch dowel into the two holes forming a cross bar. Cut the overhanging dowel pieces.

  9. Measure the overall height of the cart including the wheels. Cut a 2 x 2-inch post stock that is two inches less than the overall height of the cart. Attach the post to the bottom of the cart using screws from the inside. This will act as the third leg.

  10. Mount the snow cone machine onto the top of the cart and fasten it with fasteners, glue and bolts.