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The Best Way to Grease Bearings on a Hunter Ceiling Fan

J. Johnson

Most new models of Hunter ceiling fans don't require you to grease the bearings, but the bearings are submerged in an oil reservoir in some earlier models. You must check the oil level in the reservoir from time to time, or when your fan makes noise, and add oil to keep the bearings properly greased. Ceiling fan bearings that are not properly lubricated can malfunction and shorten the life of your Hunter fan.

Grease ceiling fan bearings with motor oil.
  1. Grease the lubricated bearings of your Hunter ceiling fan at least once a year or if the blades start to stick or make a noise when moving.

  2. Locate the oil hole on the Hunter ceiling fan. The hole will likely be located near the top of the ceiling fan motor and close to the down rod.

  3. Bend the tip of a pipe cleaner into a 1/2-inch hook and place the tip of the hook into the oil hole opening. Hunter models aren't designed to use up oil quickly, but if the tip of the pipe cleaner comes up dry, you will need to measure out 1 ounce of motor oil, which equals two tablespoons, to fill the reservoir.

  4. Add the measured motor oil to the oil hole with an eye dropper.