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How to Oil a Necchi Sewing Machine

Denise Brown

If you own a vintage Necchi sewing machine, you want to keep it in top operating condition. That means you need to clean and oil the machine periodically. While there are a number of household oils available on the market, if you can find oil labeled specifically as sewing machine oil, you should use it. A small bottle lasts for a long time. After you oil sewing machine parts, remember to wipe off any excess oil so it doesn't get on the fabric you are sewing.

  1. Unplug the sewing machine from the wall outlet.

  2. Set an old towel on the table or sewing machine cabinet behind your Necchi sewing machine. Tip the sewing machine back so it is resting on the towel.

  3. Turn the hand wheel so that you see the machine mechanisms moving. Place one drop of sewing machine oil on each of the six moving parts. Continue to turn the hand wheel to work the oil into the joints.

  4. Tip the sewing machine upright again.

  5. Use a screwdriver to remove the left side plate. As you use the hand wheel, you can see five moving parts that operate the needle and thread tension mechanism. Place one drop of oil on each of those spots and continue to turn the hand wheel to work the oil in. Replace the side plate and tighten the screw.

  6. Remove the two screws that hold the top plate in place. Lift off the top plate and set it aside along with the screws. Turn the hand wheel to locate the top of the thread take-up mechanism on the left side of the machine. Add one drop of oil into the small hole. There's another small hole to the right of that. Add a drop of oil into it.

  7. Locate the small hole near the bobbin winder. Place one drop of oil into that hole. Nearby you can see another moving part, as you move the hand wheel, for you to oil. Use the hand wheel to work oil into these spots. Replace the top plate and fasten its screws.