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How to Add Oil to a Maytag Wringer

Joseph Mars

The Maytag Company first sold their wringer washing machines in 1907. They were a resounding success; production did not halt until 1983. The simplicity of these machines was the key to their success. A person poured in some water, put the clothes and detergent inside, turned on the machine and ran the clothes through the wringer once they were clean. Adding oil to your wringer washer ensures that its gears and wringer work together.

Step 1

Turn the wringer's left lever to the "Neutral" setting. The lever must point directly toward the wringer for it to be in "Neutral."

Step 2

Grip the wringer with both hands. Pull gently upward to remove it, and place it on a cloth.

Step 3

Pour the gearbox oil into the gearbox tube and left wringer.

Step 4

Replace the wringer by gently clicking it back into place over the tube; finish adding oil. Turn the machine back on to use it again.