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How to Lubricate a Dishwasher Rack

Sarah Shelton

Small bits of debris gather over time in the interior nooks and crannies of a dishwasher. They gunk up the wheels and track, causing the rack to stick and roll roughly. A periodic maintenance cleaning of the dishwasher should include lubricating the dishwasher rack.

Clean and lubricate the dishwasher rack to keep it rolling smoothly.
  1. Remove the top dishwasher rack by sliding the rack forwarding, then lifting up.

  2. Scrub the track inside the dishwasher with a small, gentle brush to remove any build-up. Wipe the tracks with a mild detergent and a soft rag.

  3. Take the dishwasher rack to the sink. Scrub the wheels with a small brush, removing any grime and debris. Turn the wheels by hand to remove any stuck fragments. Rinse the wheels with hot water in the sink.

  4. Spray a non-toxic lubricant into the moving parts of the wheels, turning the wheels as you work in the oil. Some people choose a cooking spray for the lubricant. WD-40 also can be used on dishwasher wheels.

  5. Replace the dishwasher rack, checking to make sure the wheels are rolling freely and smoothly.

  6. Repeat with the lower dishwasher rack.