How to Put Decking Screws in the Floor

Installing or repairing a deck typically involves securing new deck boards to the deck frame. Decking screws are driven through the deck boards into the supports of the deck frame. To make the job easier, drill pilot holes through wood or composite decking before attempting to put decking screws in the floor.

Install decking screws with a drill and driver bit.
  1. Place the decking material on the support frame of the deck in the desired location. Mark the desired location of your first decking screw.

  2. Place a pilot hole drill bit with a counter sink into the chuck of the drill. Choose a bit that is slightly smaller in diameter than the decking screws being used.

  3. Drill the pilot hole and counter sink into the decking material. Counter sink the hole so that the head of the decking screw will be level with the surface of the decking material when installed and not below the surface.

  4. Remove the pilot bit and counter sink and insert a bit driver into the chuck that matches the driver pattern on the decking screw head.

  5. Place the decking screw on the driver bit. Insert the point of the decking screw into the pilot hole. Depress the trigger on the drill slowly to drive the screw into the decking material. Apply downward pressure to the drill and driver to drive the bit into the decking material and deck frame below.

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