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How to Repair a Mortar & Brick Patio

Cleveland Van Cecil

Brick-and-mortar patios are attractive and durable. But after years of adverse weather, your mortar and brick may be crumbling or breaking away, ruining the aesthetic. Fortunately, it is possible to repair a brick-and-mortar patio using a technique called repointing. Repointing is best done when no rain or other adverse weather is expected.

Repair of your mortar may be necessary after years of bad weather and other abuse.
  1. Clean out any broken brick using a chisel and hammer. Use a carbide-tipped grout saw for the grout to loosen the broken brick or to remove deteriorated grout.

  2. Wash down the area to remove grouting dust and brick dust using a garden hose. Vacuum the area with a shop vacuum if there is still dust.

  3. Mix mortar, following instructions on the packaging. Stir water into the dry mortar and mix it using a trowel. The consistency should be that of peanut butter. Let the mortar rest 15 minutes, until water forms on the top, and mix it again.

  4. Place 1/2 inch of mortar onto one end of the new brick and place the brick into it's hole. Tap it down using the end of a trowel.

  5. Fill the joints between the bricks with a dollop of mortar. Push it between the joints using the end of the trowel. Smooth down the grout using the flat edge of the trowel and wipe away excess grout.

  6. Brush the wall with a stiff brush to remove excess grout and dust. Mist the grout for the next three days with a spray bottle to keep it from cracking and let it dry.