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How to: Stucco on a Chimney

If you're looking to add a certain distinct touch the exterior of your home, a stucco finish may be just the thing to enliven your house. Applying the stucco over the brick surface of a chimney is not a difficult task, and the chimney takes little preparation before it is ready for the application. Even those who have never attempted to stucco will find the process straightforward and quick.

Add appeal to your home with a stucco finish.
  1. Brush the entire exterior of the chimney with a wire-bristled brush to remove all debris and to roughen the surface. This will allow the stucco to adhere easily to the brick.

  2. Fill a pump sprayer with degreaser and cover the chimney with an even coating. After 12 to 13 minutes, brush down the chimney with a nylon-bristled brush. Rinse off the degreaser with water. Wait 24 hours for the chimney to dry.

  3. Brush bonding liquid over the entire surface of the chimney. Carefully cover the bricks and grout lines between the bricks evenly.

  4. Pour powdered stucco and water into a large bucket in the ratio outlined on the stucco's package. Stir together with a shovel until the stucco has a uniform consistency.

  5. Pick up some stucco with a flat trowel and angle the bottom of the trowel at 45 degrees to the base of the chimney. Pull the trowel upward against the chimney to spread the stucco. Use long sweeps with the trowel for a smoother finish or short choppy ones for more texture. A depth of 1/2 inch is appropriate for the stucco finish.