How to Open a Stuck Garage Door

Weather conditions and age-related warping may cause a garage door to stick.

Use a hanging cord to manually open the garage door.Use a hanging cord to manually open the garage door.
A garage door stuck in the closed position blocks access to cars and other large items stored inside. A garage door stuck in a partially closed position presents a security hazard, giving thieves and vandals access to your home and belongings. Most garage doors are equipped with tools that can help you in an emergency situation.

Pull on the manual override cord that hangs down from the garage door's guide track. Pulling on the cord will open and close the door when the garage door mechanism fails.

Inspect the garage door mechanism, located in a box near the end of the guide track. Use a flat-tipped screwdriver to adjust the pressure settings to make it easier to open your garage door.

Place two tension rods along the back of an older, warped garage door, from the bottom left to the top right corners. Attach the rods together in the center with a thread coupling. Gradually tighten the coupling to straighten the door so it will open more easily.

Things You Will Need

  • Flat-tipped screwdriver
  • Tension rods

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