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How to Install an Angle Iron

Brandon Getty

An angle iron is a metal rod which is bent to form a 90-degree angle. Angle iron is typically bonded to the corners of walls constructed with bricks or masonry stones for added structural support. It is also used in the construction of skatepark obstacles, such as grinding platforms. The metal edge allows skaters to hop onto the edge of the platform and glide across with their board's steel axles.

Angle iron is usually placed over concrete or metal edges for structural support.
  1. Cut the angle iron to size, if necessary, using an angle grinder tool.

  2. Clean the area that the angle iron will be attached to of any dirt or concrete rubble using a brush. If you are attaching the iron to the corner of a wooden surface, sand the area lightly with coarse grit sandpaper.

  3. Squeeze a thick bead of metal epoxy onto both inside edges of the angle iron and place it over the corner of the structure. If the edges of your angle iron are exceptionally wide, apply another bead of epoxy.

  4. Push the angle iron all the way into place. Secure the top edge of the angle iron by placing several cinderblocks along its length.

  5. Secure the bottom edge of the angle iron by hammering in several tack nails along its length. Insert the nails as close as possible to the iron's bottom edge and only sink them halfway.

  6. Allow the epoxy to dry for the time suggested on the container. Once the epoxy has cured, remove the tack nails and cinderblocks.