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How to Install Hardwood Flooring With a Bullnose Edge

Robin Hewitt

Installing a hardwood floor is a popular homeowner project that can instantly add value of a home. While installing a hardwood floor is a straightforward process, many homeowners encounter problems with the finishing procedures once the flooring has been installed. A typical problem is how to finish the exposed edges of wood, and different transition pieces are used for various surfaces. When the hardwood ends at the top of a staircase, a bullnose transition piece is the standard used to finish the edge of the floor.

Many homeowners encounter problems finishing a hardwood floor.
  1. Measure the end length of the hardwood flooring where the bullnose will be installed.

  2. Cut the bullnose transition to measurement. Use a miter saw and miter box to obtain a straight, even cut.

  3. Place the groove of the bullnose onto the tongue of the hardwood edge, tapping into place with a rubber mallet until the seam is tight.

  4. Nail the bullnose into place. Use finishing nails six to eight inches apart, evenly spaced, on the bullnose transition.

  5. Countersink the nail heads. Use a hammer and a nail set to tap the nails until they are below the top surface of the bullnose.

  6. Fill in the nail holes. Use hardwood finishing putty that matches the shade of the hardwood floor.