How to Fix Holes in Microfiber Fabric

Matt McGew

Microfiber is a type of man-made fiber commonly used to make furniture, clothing, bedding and window coverings. Microfiber fabric is generally durable, but like any fabric, it can tear over time. However, it is possible to repair small holes in microfiber fabric. Simply treat the hole with an anti fray liquid and stitch the hole with a needle and thread.

Fix Holes in Microfiber Fabric
  1. Cut loose threads from the microfiber fabric. When microfiber tears, the edges of the fabric can splinter, resulting in frayed or loose threads.

  2. Apply anti fray liquid to the edges of the hole. You can find anti fray liquid at sewing and craft stores. This liquid prevents the edges of the tear from further splitting. Place a few drops of the anti fray liquid on a cotton swab and run the edge of the cotton swab over all exposed edges of the hole. Allow the liquid to dry for approximately one hour.

  3. Thread the needle and tie a knot at the end of the thread. Make sure you have enough thread to cover the hole before you begin sewing.

  4. Place the needle in the fabric slightly above the hole, approximately three thread lengths. Pull the needle through the fabric and back up the underside of the fabric. The stitch should cover the width of the hole. Continue stitching down the hole. As you stitch, pull the fabric together to close the hole. Once you stitched down the entire length of the hole, continue stitching under the hole for three thread lengths.