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How to Repair Lazy Boy Upholstery

Owen E. Richason IV

The La-Z-Boy corporation designs, manufactures and markets many types of furniture and produces both living room and bedroom furnishings. A popular material for covering La-Z-Boy furniture is fabric upholstery. While durable, you can damage fabric upholstery, but you can also repair it. Fabric upholstery is typically colored to make matching sets of living and bedroom furniture. In addition, fabric upholstery is readily available at most craft stores and sewing supply stores.

  1. Pull together and sew the tear with matching color thread, if the tear is very small. Sew the torn fabric back together following the fabric pattern. This means following the visible lines and threads in the fabric, as well as the color lines/blocks in the furniture.

  2. Turn the La-Z-Boy furniture piece over or move it to expose the back. Feel under the furniture piece for excess fabric that is concealed and/or sewn to the underside.

  3. Remove the thread with a stitch puller and cut the excess fabric off with scissors. Place the cut excess fabric over the damaged area to match it for size and align to the pattern.

  4. Sew the excess fabric patch to the La-Z-Boy furniture, keeping it aligned with the fabric pattern. Double the stitch to make the patch strong and able to withstand normal use and wear and tear.