How to Repair a Fluke Meter

Fluke 87 True RMS multimeters are used to test electronic equipment.

Battery Replacement

The meter may stop working after several hours of use. Repairing the Fluke 87 meter when it stops working often requires replacing the battery or one or both of the internal fuses. In order to replace the battery and fuses you need to learn how to access the inside of the meter case. The Fluke 87 uses two different fuses, so you also need to understand where each is located. .

Twist the large dial on the front of the Fluke 87 meter fully to the left to the "Off" position and pull any lead testing cables from the front jacks.

Flip the Fluke 87 over and remove the screws from the bottom of the casing with a Phillips screwdriver.

Turn the meter over again so that the front is facing up and pull the case apart near the LCD screen. You will feel some resistance as the case is also held together by two tabs on the inside of the case near the screen.

Pull the 9V battery out of the case and remove the battery connecting wires. Plug the wires onto the new 9V battery and insert the new battery into the case.

Place the top of the case onto the bottom part of the case and press down near the LCD screen until you hear a snap.

Replace the screws in the back of the meter with the Phillips screwdriver.

Fuse Replacement

Open the Fluke 87 meter case as if you were replacing a battery.

Locate the two fuses in the Fluke 87. Fuse No. 1 is installed above the battery and lies parallel to the battery. Fuse No. 2 is located to the left of and lies perpendicular to Fuse 1.

Lift up one end of fuse No. 1 and then slide the fuse out of its holder. Dispose of the old fuse.

Press the replacement fuse into the fuse No. 1 holder, taking care to center the fuse in the holder. The replacement fuse No. 1 part number from Fluke is 943121.

Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for fuse No. 2. The replacement fuse No. 2 part number from Fluke is 943118.

Set the top of the case on the bottom and press down near the LCD screen until the cases snap together. Reinsert the the three screws in the back of the case.

Things You Will Need

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • 9V battery
  • Replacement fuses, Fluke part numbers 943121 and 943118

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