How to Install Adjustable Cabinet Shelving

Traditional shelving does not adjust to allow for larger-than-normal items such as cereal boxes or jugs.

Organize the inside of your cabinets by installing adjustable shelving.
Instead of storing these items on top of a refrigerator or on the floor, installing adjustable cabinet shelving allows you keep tall items hidden. Keeping these items stored in a cabinet, keeps your home or garage organized. Adjustable shelving installs inside the frame of a cabinet and requires basic carpentry skills. Allow yourself an hour or two to install the shelving. .

Measure the height of the inside of the cabinet with a tape measure. Transfer this measurement onto two pieces of adjustable cabinet shelving support strips. Measure each support strip with a tape measure and mark at the measurement with a pencil.

Cut one piece of the support strip to the desired height with a hacksaw. It does not need to measure to the top of the cabinet. Use this piece of support strip to cut to measure each remaining support strip. Each cabinet contains two support strips, one on each side. Line up the slot inside the cabinet to the slots on the support strip. You also want to line up the numbers as well at this time.

Position each support strip (inside the cabinet where you are installing them) approximately 1 inch from the edge of the cabinet, and trace a line down the cabinet with your pencil.

Place a support strip against the pencil mark inside the cabinet and mark for screws. The support strips come predrilled where the screws will go. Place your pencil inside the predrilled hole and mark the inside of the cabinet. Repeat. Remove the support strip.

Drill pilot holes in each circle pencil mark inside the cabinet with a drill. Use a drill bit and a depth guide on the drill to prevent you from drilling through the cabinet. If you do not have a depth guide, wrap a piece of tape around the drill bit as this works well. Repeat.

Place one piece of support strip where you marked and predrilled spots inside the cabinet and align with the holes. Secure the support strip to the cabinet with screws and your drill.

Insert bracket pins into the holes on the support strip where you want shelves. Use one bracket pin for each side of a shelf (on opposite sides). Place the shelving that you purchased to the size of the cabinet on the bracket pins.

Things You Will Need

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Support strips
  • Hacksaw
  • Drill bit
  • Depth guide
  • Bracket pins
  • Shelves


  • Pins for adjustable shelving come in a variety of options such as hardwood dowels, bracket pins and flat pins.

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