Directions for an IKEA Bed Slide

Grahame Turner

IKEA sells flat-packed furniture, but they also have a number of unique items, like the Vradal bed to which you can install a slide on one side. Kids can slide out of the half-lofted bed in the morning, use it during playtime and climb into bed at the end of the day. With a little work, you can build the bed slide and attach it to your Vradal bed.

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  1. Place one slide support beam on its side. There will be three holes grouped about a third of the way down the beam and two grouped two thirds down. The three holes will be on the upper half of the beam when assembled.

  2. Attach a slide support strut, about 1 foot long by 2 inches wide, with a 1 inch by 1 inch protrusion on the back. Insert wooden dowels into the four holes at the corners of the beam. Insert the dowels into two of the three holes in the upper group.

  3. Insert a dowel into the upper holes on a lower slide strut, also about 1 foot long. Push two side-mounted nuts into the holes on the bottom of the strut. Insert these into the beam.

  4. Fit the other slide beam over the dowels on the struts. Screw through the side holes into the two support beams. Flip the part over and repeat on the other side.

  5. Fit two dowels into the end of a slide side beam, which is angled. Push a side-mounted nut into the bottom of the beam. Insert this into the front holes on the side support beam and bolt through the back of the beam.

  6. Insert side-mounted nuts into the bottom of the slide bottom beam, which mimics the curves on the slide side. Insert dowels into the side holes on it.

  7. Fir the slide bottom onto the bottom of the slide side beam. Fit the other slide side on top of this, attaching it to the side beams in the same way you attached the first.

  8. Stand the slide up and bolt the bottom piece into place. Put the slide back on its side.

  9. Fit the slide panel into the slide so that the top matches the top of the slide and the bottom notches into the bottom beam. Screw L-brackets into the holes on the sides and underneath the slide panel.

  10. Remove the side bars on both sides of the bed, front and back. Unscrew them and take the bars out.

  11. Insert the two rods included with the bed slide into the holes on the side panels of the bed.

  12. Screw the C-shaped bracket into the upright beam on the front of the bed. The bracket should fit into the bottommost hole on this bar.

  13. Screw the upright beam back into place. Fit the bracket over the side of the bed and screw the back of the bracket into place.

  14. Return the bed rails to their original positions, fitting them over the upright rods. There are holes in the center of both sets of side rails and the rods fit into those holes, all the way through the lower rail, into the upper.

  15. Build the back ladder. Insert a dowel into one step and push a side-mounted nut into the bottom, then insert that dowel into a ladder side. Repeat with the remaining steps. The top step should have a 1 inch by 1 inch beam attached to the back. Fit the other side on top. Screw the ladder together.

  16. Stand the slide and the ladder next to each other at about a 30 degree angle. Screw the two pieces together through the shallow angle brackets.

  17. Place the triangular step on top of the 1 inch by 1 inch ledges at the back of the slide and ladder. Screw this piece into place through the beams.

  18. Push the slide up against the bed. Use the remaining brackets to attach the slide to the upright beam and screw into the upright side beam on the bed.

  19. Attach the circular accent to the top of the slide rail on the outermost beam. Screw it into place.