How to Make a Tarp Shade Awning

Tarps are used to cover cargo during transportation and outdoor inventory in business. In the great outdoors, tarps have many more uses. A couple of tarps and some rope can provide you with a tent, a hammock or a wind break. Different types of tarps provide different types of protection and strength -- and each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. One of the most widely used tarps is the Nylon-mesh shade tarp. This type of tarp has several important uses for the wilderness hiker and camper. One of the most important uses is as a shade awning.

Tarps are lightweight and versatile, making them indispensable to the wilderness hiker.
  1. Use your foot to rake the leaves and pine needles out of your camping area. Remove any large rocks and sticks from your clearing.

  2. Spread out the tarp in your clearing. Arrange it so that the four corners are each pointing at a different tree.

  3. Tie a rope to each corner of your tarp. Lift the first rope and tie it to a nearby tree 3 feet off the ground.

  4. Tie the second rope onto another tree 3 feet off the ground. Tie your remaining ropes to their own trees, 8 feet off the ground.

  5. Untie each rope, one at a time. Pull it tightly and tie it to its own tree again. Remove your tarp, if there is a high wind, to prevent tearing.


  • Do not leave loose ropes dangling in your campsite, especially around children and pets.
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