How to Paint the Exteriors of Homes When It's Windy

Matt Goetz

Exterior painting should always take place on a calm day with low precipitation and warm temperatures, but sometimes sudden unexpected windy weather can occur in the middle of a work day. If certain wind preparations are not taken, injury and messy work conditions are more likely to occur. Although painting in windy weather is not recommended, there are a few ways to keep the work area clean and painting equipment safe for use.

Learn how to paint outside when it's windy.
  1. Spread canvas drop cloths over the entire length of nearby concrete and shrubs. Place bricks on top of the drop cloths to prevent movement from the wind. Adding extra drop cloths provides protection against paint sprinkles blowing in the wind from the paint roller.

  2. Insert a metal bucket grate into the paint bucket. Roll off the heavy paint onto the grate before removing the roller from the bucket to paint. Rolling off excess dripping paint from the roller prevents paint sprinkles from blowing all over the place in the wind while painting.

  3. Extend the extension ladder three rungs past the gutter. Climb to the top of the ladder. Wrap one end of the rope around the ladder rung that's level with the gutter and tie the other end of the rope around the brackets inside the top of the gutter. The rope prevents the ladder from moving in windy weather. Tie off both sides of the ladder.