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How to Paint a Galvanized Metal Roof With Sherwin Williams

Mark Spowart

Galvanized metal is a metal that is treated with hot zinc that is designed to protect the roof from the elements. Oftentimes, these roofs are painted with a specific type of paint for use on galvanized metal. When that paint starts to peel and needs to be repainted, you can use the appropriate primer and acrylic top coat paint manufactured by Sherwin Williams. Before you can paint the roof, you need to get it ready to be painted.

Remove all of the old paint from your galvanized metal roof before you paint it.

Step 1

Inspect the roof and observe the condition of the paint on the roof. If the paint is in bad shape and peeling off, use a power washer to remove the rest of the paint. The roof needs to be free of any old paint before you start to repaint it. Once the roof is clean, allow it to dry before applying the primer coat.

Step 2

Apply a coat of Sherwin Williams galvanized metal primer with either a spray gun, roller or paintbrush. Ensure that the primer is applied in even strokes. Allow the primer to dry thoroughly before applying the top coat. The amount of heat and humidity in the air will affect how long it takes for the primer to dry.

Step 3

Map out how you will paint the roof. Start in the morning if possible and start on the side of the roof that is still in the shade. Begin on the top left corner on that side of the roof and paint it in sections across the top edge of the roof to the right side. Then reposition yourself to the left and and paint another section. Repeat this process until the one side of the roof is painted. Move to the other side of the roof and start again in the top left corner and follow the same pattern.

Step 4

Apply a coat of Sherwin Williams acrylic-based paint that is designed to work with the galvanized metal primer base coat you just applied. Use a roller, sprayer or paintbrush and apply the paint in even strokes until the entire roof is painted. Allow the first the coat to dry and apply a second coat for full, rich color.