How to Remove Moss From Walkways

It's not uncommon to find moss growing on your walkway. Moss thrives in areas that are shaded and moist, so if tree branches, for example, block the walkway from the sun, moss is likely to grow. Moss typically doesn't damage the walkway surface, but it does get slippery when wet. This makes moss removal from walkways extremely important in preventing injuries. With the right products, remove moss from your walkways in no time.

Remove moss from your walkway sooner rather than later to avoid spreading.
  1. Sweep the walkway with a broom to remove debris such as pine needles, twigs and leaves.

  2. Dig up as much moss as possible from the walkway with a flat-edged shovel. Use the tip of the shovel to get underneath the moss, then pull the handle toward you to dislodge it. Scrub the affected areas with a wire brush to further remove the moss. Sweep all the loosened moss off the walkway.

  3. Mix equal parts water and chlorine bleach in a clean garden sprayer. Soak remaining moss spots with the mixture.

  4. Let the bleach solution sit on the walkway for up to 20 minutes. Scrub the spots with a stiff scrub brush to loosen the moss.

  5. Rinse off the walkway thoroughly with the garden hose.


  • Soak surrounding plants, grass and landscaping with water prior to removing moss from the walkway. After soaking them, cover them with plastic sheeting to protect them from the bleach mixture.
  • Wear rubber gloves, protective eyewear and old clothes when using chlorine bleach.
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