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How to Adjust the Bar Chain Oil on a 310 Stihl

Kenneth Crawford

Chainsaws use an oiler to constantly keep the chain lubricated when cutting. Although the oiler is set by the factory to oil the chain, sometimes it is necessary to adjust the bar oil. If you install a longer chain bar and chain, more oil is necessary. Some woods dry out your chain quicker than others, requiring more oil. On the other hand, too much oil can cause slippage and other issues. Adjusting the bar chain oil on a 310 Stihl chainsaw will help endure longer life of your chain and prevent undue stress on the motor.

  1. Turn off the Stihl 310 chainsaw and unplug the spark plug wire from the spark plug. Stand the chainsaw on its back with the chain pointing up.

  2. Find the oiler adjustment screw on the bottom of the chainsaw body. The screw has an "E" stamp and a picture of a chain link on the outside circumference.

  3. Turn the screw with a flat-head screwdriver so that the slot on the screw is pointing to the "E" marking. This is where the oiler is set from the factory.

  4. Rotate the screw clockwise to increase the chain bar oil flow, if you are using a longer chain bar or the wood you are cutting dries out the chain. Turn the screw counterclockwise if you need to decrease the oil flow.

  5. Plug the spark plug wire back onto the spark plug and operate your Stihl chainsaw as normal. Inspect the chain periodically to make sure that it stays lubricated. Adjust the oiler as necessary.