Good Housekeeping: Step-by-Step

Good housekeeping skills are not an accident.

With the right techniques, cleaning can become more enjoyable and efficient.With the right techniques, cleaning can become more enjoyable and efficient.
No, they are the end result of practice, practice, practice. Efficient house cleaners have specific skills they have developed over time. While most people know the basics of how to clean their homes, many leave out specific techniques that can take simple housekeeping to good housekeeping. And certain skills can make the task more enjoyable by shortening the time required to finish. Even though you may not be an expert house cleaner, you can fake it with these step-by-step tips.

Gather together all of your basic cleaning equipment in one area. Store the products in a large bucket, which also can double as a tool.

Start with the kitchen. Clean dishes or load the dishwasher. Any stuck-on stains can be soaked while you clean the counters and purge your refrigerator of spoiled food.

Move through the house and pick up any items that don't belong in a specific area. Put them where they belong.

Dust items like bookcases, lamps, end tables and coffee tables. Do all of the dusting at once before vacuuming. Use furniture polish on surfaces that require it.

Clean bathrooms consecutively. Allow toilet bowl cleaner and water stain cleaners to work while you clean mirrors and counters.

Make up the beds before cleaning any bedrooms. The laundry can run while you are completing other tasks.

Vacuum the carpets, then clean the floors. Clean the baseboards and window coverings once a month.

Empty all of the trashcans in the house and immediately take the trash outside. Refill the cans with fresh bags.

Things You Will Need

  • Basic cleaning products
  • Bucket
  • Checklist


  • Try to keep a specific time for cleaning.
  • Make a checklist of what you'd like to accomplish and when.
  • Clean in an organized, methodical manner.
  • If you live with other people, assign a room to each person to accomplish more in less time.


  • Never leave a child unattended with chemicals.

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