How to Stop Casters From Rolling

Casters which roll when a person is sitting on a chair can cause injury, and if a child or pet drags furniture on its casters damage can be caused to carpets or walls. While some casters do have stops, the best solution is to use caster cups which prevent even casters in the stopped position from rolling. Caster cups are indented with a rounded depression into which the caster fits so that it cannot move regardless of whether it is locked. Make sure to use caster cups which are deep enough to prevent the caster from moving at all.

Casters can roll unexpectedly, and caster cups prevent them from rolling.

Step 1

Remove the caster cups from their packaging. Place them near the casters of the piece of furniture you wish to protect.

Step 2

Lift one caster by lifting the base of the furniture to which it is attached. Slip the caster cup under it.

Step 3

Align the caster wheel so that it fits securely in the indentation of the caster cup.

Step 4

Repeat for each additional caster. Check to see that each caster is firmly and securely positioned in the depressed center of the caster cup. It is now possible to sit on a chair or otherwise put weight on any piece of furniture protected by caster cups.