Altronix 6062 Instructions

John DeMerceau

The Altronix 6062 timer module is used when a timer cutoff is necessary in access control or alarm systems. Once installed and linked to an interface, it can be set according to the amount of time necessary before an alarm sounds, or access is otherwise blocked or limited. Installing the Altronix 6062 and readying it for use with an interface is done by means of dip-switch and jumper selections. No tools are required, but attention must be paid to the settings needed for any particular application.

  1. Set the voltage by adjusting the position of dip switch 3 according to the voltage of the power source (battery or transformer) that you will be using. The setting for 12VDC is "On" and for 24VDC is "Off."

  2. Set relay dip switches 2 and 4 according to your needs. Refer to the interface or equipment you are using with the module to determine those settings. Setting dip 1 to "On" energizes the relay at the start of the timing cycle, and when it is set to "Off" the relay is energized at the end of the timing cycle. Setting dip switch 4 to "On" begins timing immediately upon trigger input, whereas setting it to "Off" starts timing after the removal of trigger input.

  3. Set relay dip switch 3 to "On" or "Off" depending on whether you need the relay to start or stop after a certain interval. Refer to the equipment you will be controlling with the module to determine this setting. Adjust the trimpot (wheel) to reflect the number of minutes you want to allow before the relay starts or stops.

  4. Power the device by connecting the wire leading from each terminal of the power source to the corresponding positive (+) and negative (-) terminals. Open the terminal screws with a screwdriver, insert the wires in the wire slots, then fasten the screws once again. If you are unsure of the strength of your power source, check it with a voltmeter before connection.

  5. Install triggers to the terminals according to the scheme necessary for your particular application. Refer to the interface or device being controlled by the 6062 module. If you are using an NC (normally closed) trigger, to install a resistor between the positive (+) and trigger (TRG) terminals. (Use a 2000 ohm resistor for 12VDC or a 4700 ohm resistor for 24VDC; resistors are not supplied with the module.)

  6. Enable the reset features as desired by cutting the J3 jumper wire, and the pulser/flasher mode as desired by cutting the J1 jumper wire.