How to Play British DVDs in the U.S.A.

DVD movies and players sold in America are coded with "Region 1," while movies and players sold in Britain are coded with "Region 2.
" This means that you cannot play a "Region 2" movie on a "Region 1" device and vice versa. However, if you want to play British DVDs in the United States of America, there are still a few avenues you can explore to meet your goal.

Step 1

Purchase a "Region-free" DVD player. Region-free DVD players can play content coded with any region in the world, allowing you to watch both your American "Region 1" DVDs and your British "Region 2" DVDs on the same player. Region-free DVD players typically must be purchased from online retailers and cannot be found in local retail stores.

Step 2

Import a "Region 2" DVD player from Britain. British websites like allow customers to purchase goods manufactured in that county and import them into the United States. If you only have one or two British DVDs, it may be a hassle to use a different player every time you want to watch a title, but for someone with a large British DVD collection, the inconvenience will be minimal.

Step 3

Change the region coding on your computer's DVD drive. The Windows operating system allows users to change the region coding on their DVD drive from "1" to any other region (including "2") up to five times. You can change the region coding of your computer DVD player through the "Properties" tab for that play in the "Computer" folder.

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