How to Clean a PVC Roof

Proper cleaning of a PVC roof keeps it looking bright and new. As with all types of roofs, PVC (or membrane roofs) require maintenance and care. Roofs collect dirt and debris every day of the year, and the weather may create conditions conducive to algae or mold growth. When you clean your PVC roof, forgo the pressure washer and grab a few household items instead for the best results.

  1. Sweep the roof with a soft-bristle broom. Gently sweep away all loose dirt and debris.

  2. Mop the roof with a cotton mop. Soak the mop in water and swab the roof completely. Allow to stand wet for at least 20 minutes to allow caked-on dirt or grime to soak. Rinse the mop well, then go over the roof again thoroughly a second time.

  3. Spray the roof with water from a garden hose to rinse the majority of remaining dirt away.

  4. Apply trisodium phosphate to remaining areas of grime, grease, ground-in dirt, algae or mold. Mix with water according to the manufacturer's directions and apply with a cotton mop.

  5. Rinse the roof thoroughly with water.


  • Trisodium phosphate may emit fumes. Wear gloves and a face mask when using.
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