How to Build a Rectangular Fire Pit

Fire pits are popular outdoor features that create a gathering place for friends and family. You can build a rectangle fire pit simply with some supplies picked up at a landscape supply center. Check your area's local codes and acquire a building permit if your area requires one before starting this project. You need to choose a location to build your fire pit that is on flat ground in an area that is at least 15 feet away from all plants and structures.

Always practice fire safety when using your fire pit.
  1. Decide how large you want the rectangle fire pit to be. Avoid a size that requires you to cut pavers because the pavers' finished edges will be cut off, thus making the finished pit look awkward.

  2. Map out the location of the fire pit with stakes and string. Spray over the twine with spray paint to create the rectangle shape on the ground. Remove the stakes and string from the ground.

  3. Remove the sod from the inside of the painted rectangle. Dig out the rectangle so it is 12 inches below ground level. Adjust the bottom of the dug out area by adding or removing soil until the ground is completely level.

  4. Fill the dug out rectangle with paver base. Tamp the paver base down with a hand tamper until it is level.

  5. Lay the first layer of pavers around the perimeter inside the rectangle. Set each paver next to each other so their sides touch. Adjust the pavers by pounding them down with a rubber mallet until all pavers are level.

  6. Add a second and third layer of pavers on top of the first layer. Alternate the gaps between each paver to create a stable layer. Check to make sure the pavers are level.

  7. Create the fire box inside the pavers. Set a row of fire-rated bricks against the inner sides of the pavers. Stack the bricks on their ends so they stand vertically. Press each brick close to the brick next to it so there are no gaps. Stand the bricks in this manner to create a rectangle of bricks against the inner sides of the pavers.

  8. Add a second and third layer of vertical bricks on top of the first layer. Stagger the joints between the bricks as you create the layers. Add brick layers until the entire interior of the pavers are protected by the fire-rated bricks.

  9. Lay logs and sticks inside of the brick-lined firebox.


  • Never leave a fire unattended.
  • Always keep water close at hand when using the fire pit.
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