How to Wire 220 in a 110 Receptacle

In the United States, 110-volt (110V) electricity is standard, whereas in Europe and other parts of the world, 220 volts (220V) is the norm.

American wall outlets are not set up to handle 220V appliances.
A European 220V appliance will not work in an American 110V wall socket. However, 110V outlets can be adapted for 220V electronics by installing a reverse electricity converter. The conversion work is done at the outlet; no work is required on the electrical wiring. .

Shut off the power (at your home's fuse box) to the area where the reverse electricity converter will be installed.

Loosen the outlet wall plate with a screwdriver. Remove the screw and set aside for later reinstallation.

Hold up the outlet wall plate with one hand. Plug the reverse electricity converter into the bottom outlet.

Refasten the screw in the outlet wall plate. The screw should be fastened through a hoop on the converter, thereby fastening the converter to the outlet.

Restore power at the fuse box.

Things You Will Need

  • Reverse electricity converter
  • Screwdriver


  • Before buying a reverse electricity converter, list the electronic devices that you wish to use with the device and review the electrical information sticker on each appliance. At the home improvement store, ensure that the converter you purchase can accommodate your devices and appliances.

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