How to Get White Rings Off a Coffee Table

A glass that is filled with either a hot or a cold beverage can cause some serious problems for your wood coffee table. As a general rule, you and your guests should always use a coaster when placing drinks on your coffee table. However, if someone forgot to use a coaster, you might now have a white ring on the wood surface. Get to it as quickly as possible to restore the surface of your coffee table to its original color.

A coffee table can be free of water stains.
  1. Get a thick bath towel and lay it directly over the white ring on the coffee table.

  2. Set your iron to a medium setting with the steam function off.

  3. Set the iron on top of the towel for five to 10 seconds.

  4. Remove the iron and the towel. The white ring will be gone or diminished. If you can still see it at all, repeat the process until it's gone.


  • Do not let the hot iron touch the wood surface directly.
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