How to Connect a Three-Prong Cord to a Dryer

Three-prong cords are used on older electric clothes dryers that operate on 220 volts.

A three-prong cord works on older clothes dryers.
The cord contains three wires, each tipped with metal connector, that correspond to the three prongs that fit in the electrical socket. Three-prong cords can only be used on dryers with three terminal connections. If your dryer has four terminal connections, then this procedure does not apply to your newer appliance, and you must not attempt to connect a three-prong cord to a four-terminal dryer. These steps apply only to older appliances with three terminal connections. .

Pull the dryer away from the wall and unplug the old power cord, if the dryer already has one.

Unscrew the small metal panel that covers the terminals where the power cord enters the back of the appliance.

Remove the three bolts in the connection panel, using a hex-nut wrench.

Insert a bolt through each of the three round connectors on the end of your new power cord.

Connect the black wire to the left terminal and the white wire to the right terminal inside the dryer, tightening the bolts with your hex-nut wrench. Attach the center wire to the center terminal to ground the circuit, and tighten the bolt with the wrench.

Replace the cover plate on the back of the dryer, and plug the three-prong power cord into the wall receptacle.

Things You Will Need

  • Hex-nut wrench

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