How to Use Ikea Kitchen Cabinets for an Office Desk

Ikea kitchen cabinets are known for a modular system that makes them easy to use in virtually any kitchen space, and they can also be used in your office. Ikea kitchen base cabinets can be used to create almost any size and shape desk you want. You can choose the style of cabinet, the number of drawers or doors, and the type of desktop to be used, in the process creating a one-of-a-kind office desk that suits your personality.

Ikea kitchen cabinets can be used to make an office desk.
  1. Assemble the Ikea cabinets per the manufacturer's directions. Install the feet to the cabinet by screwing them onto the bottom of the cabinet with the screwdriver.
  2. Place the cabinets where you want the desk to be. Level the cabinets by placing a leveling square on top of them and adjusting the legs with a screwdriver. Place one cabinet on each side of the desk area so that the center will have an opening for a chair to wheel under.
  3. Place the desktop on top of the cabinets and center it. Ensure that the desktop is level by placing the level on top of it after it is resting on the cabinets.
  4. Drill two one-quarter-inch holes from the desktop down through the cabinets on each side. Countersink the holes so that the bolt will not stick up through the desktop.
  5. Place one-quarter-inch bolts through the holes and put a washer and nut at the bottom of each on the inside of the cabinets. Tighten the bolts with an adjustable wrench. Once all bolts are tight, the desk is ready to be used.

Things You Will Need

  • Ikea kitchen cabinet w/drawers
  • Ikea desktop
  • Screwdriver
  • Level
  • Drill
  • 1/4-in. bolt, washer, nut
  • Adjustable wrench

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