How to Identify Towle Silverware

Those who collect silver, especially vintage patterns, know how essential identifying makers and patterns are.

By learning how to identify Towle silverware, you will become familiar with the different hallmarks that Towle used throughout the years. As you become more familiar with these different marks, you will eventually identify them as soon as you see them.

Purchase a sterling silverware identification guide that features Towle silver patterns and maker's marks. Purchase a book that features full color photographs to assist you in clearly seeing each hallmark the company has used.

Read through the pages in the book and familiarize yourself with the various hallmarks that the Towle Company has used throughout its years in business. Towle began manufacturing silver in 1882 and has changed its maker's mark several times.

Learn to identify the graphic of a lion inside of a cursive capital T. This hallmark can be seen on the majority of Towle silverware.

Things You Will Need

  • Sterling flatware identification guide


  • Use the Internet when needed to learn the origin of silver pieces. This invaluable tool can immensely help a beginner learn to identify Towle silverware too old for a current book.


  • Use your book to guide you while you learn. Many American silver companies used hallmarks that closely resemble one another.
  • Although identification guides may feature pricing, they may be inaccurate due to an ever-changing market on sterling silver prices.