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How to Figure Out if a Rocking Chair Is a Stickley?

Mary Martialay

Stickley furniture--made in the workshops of Gustav Stickley--is prized as the best representation of the American Arts and Crafts period of furniture making. Depending on its style and condition, a Stickley rocking chair may be worth several hundred to more than $2,000. They are hard to find.

  1. Stickley furniture is commonly made of oak and is known for a simple and sturdy construction which characterizes the mission style, according to Peter J. Maloney of the Arts & Crafts Antique Gallery. The pieces have cushions and slender square spindles under the arms.

  2. Almost all Stickley furniture was marked with a brand, decal or paper or metal label, commonly known as a maker's mark or a shopmark. However, such marks may have disappeared through the passage of time. If you find no trace of the shopmark, a Stickley catalogue or a qualified expert may be needed to positively identify the piece.

  3. The website simplymission.com features pictures of original Stickley rockers and other furniture manufactured in 1910.

  4. Warning

    Beware of many imitations.