How to Adjust a New Braunfels Smoker

James Clark

New Braunfels is a brand of outdoor meat smoker made by Char-Broil, which recommends using wood for fuel in the smoker, although you can burn charcoal or a combination of both. Adjusting a New Braunfels smoker lets you control the internal temperature, which is critical to producing tender, smoked beef and pork. Thick cuts of meat require many hours of smoking time at sustained temperature of 200 to 225 degrees Fahrenheit. Adjusting the New Braunfels and monitoring the built-in thermometer help you manage the heat.

  1. Crumple sheets of old newspaper and place in the firebox of your New Braunfels smoker. The firebox is the smaller chamber mounted to the side of the smoker.

  2. Add 4 lbs. of hardwood chunks or charcoal briquettes to the firebox, placing them in a heap on the newspaper. Light a fire.

  3. Close the lid on the firebox when the wood or coals burn white. You can now place food in the cooking chamber for smoking.

  4. Adjust the chimney vent wider on the top of the cooking chamber to increase smoke circulation around the food inside.

  5. Turn the vent ports on the side of the firebox wider to allow more oxygen to reach the fire inside. This causes the fuel to burn hotter, raising the temperature in the cooking chamber.

  6. Adjust the vent ports narrower on the firebox to decrease air flow, which causes the wood or charcoal to burn slower while cooling the cooking chamber. Monitor the internal temperature of the cooking chamber with the thermometer on the outer shell and adjust the vents as necessary to raise or lower the internal heat.