How to Make a Driftwood Chandelier

Celia Balmer

There is so much beauty in nature that making natural items for your home from driftwood or other rustic material can be as stylish as it is cost effective. Driftwood is readily available on the beach and can be easily turned into a unique lighting feature in the home. A driftwood chandelier can be placed over an existing light socket, or battery operated LED lights can be intertwined around the pieces for an unusual and dramatic look.

Driftwood can make a beautiful, natural chandelier for the home.
  1. Gather together a pile of driftwood. This can be found on the beach and brought back in plastic sacks or boxes. It is always better to have too much than not enough so ensure you bring back at least 40 pieces of driftwood.

  2. Dry the driftwood by laying it somewhere warm and dry in your home. It can be placed on newspaper and placed in front of a fire or heater or simply left to dry on the floor in the garage if necessary. Leave it to dry for at least one week.

  3. Drill a hole at each end of a straight and strong piece of driftwood -- which will serve as your starting point and the top of the chandelier. The holes should be drilled approximately 2 to 4 inches from the ends. Screw in two small picture hooks, which will be used to attach the chandelier to the ceiling. Join together a few pieces of driftwood so that they create a square or circular shape using brown string. This piece should be attached beneath the main piece of driftwood using string.

  4. Attach pieces of driftwood to the square or circular shape in any pattern you would like, using more brown string. You can create a mobile type effect by hanging individual pieces of driftwood at different lengths from the main piece. Alternatively, fasten driftwood together to make other interesting shapes and attach these to the main piece.

  5. Place the chandelier over the existing light socket where it will be displayed. Use a pen or pencil to mark the ceiling where the hooks touch the ceiling. Drill two holes in the ceiling on the marks, and screw in hooks to attach the chandelier.

  6. Attach the chandelier to the ceiling and turn on the light to view the structure's effect.